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    Top 10 Tips to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

    1. Price your home aggressively

    Setting the right
    price for your home is the single most important decision you will make when
    you decide to sell. Go too high and you risk turning off every buyer in the
    marketplace, go too low and you leave money on the table. One simple but
    powerful technique for pricing your home aggressively is to spend the day
    looking at your competitors’ homes. By doing so you will be seeing the world
    through the buyers’ eyes. Be tough and honest with yourself. Compared to the
    competition what would be a price that would position your home as the best
    value proposition for buyers in your marketplace?
Use price points
    Buyers don’t walk into
    an agent’s office and announce that they would like to see homes priced at a
    specific price like $227,900 dollars. Instead they ask to see homes between
    price ranges that are separated by five to ten thousand dollar increments.
    Because of this, consider setting your price near one of these natural price
    points. For instance a price $229,900 would probably net you exactly the same
    number of buyer inquiries as a price of $227,900, but moving your home down to
    $224,900 (the next price point down) would widen your potential buyer pool.
    3. Consider value range
    Another pricing technique that may be the ticket to more showings and
    more offers is to use value range marketing. Value range marketing is a pricing
    technique in which you choose a listing price based on what you would sell for
    today if a buyer wrote you a check. You then choose another lower price – one
    that you wouldn’t reject if offered but would use as a starting point negotiate
    towards some middle ground. So instead of listing your home at a specific price
    of $496,000 dollars, you list the home between $459,000 and $496,000.
4. Offer a bonus to
    selling agents
    The agent who brings a buyer to your home
    is typically referred to as the selling agent or the buyer’s agent. In a market
    crowded with inventory many sellers find it wise to provide an incentive to motivate
    these agents to show their home more frequently. While you may cringe at paying
    real estate brokers even more money, the fact is it may provide just the push
    they need to work a little harder to sell your home for top dollar.
Hire an aggressive listing
    Not all listing agents are created equal. To find an aggressive full
    time agent, take the time to research the market, talk to friends, neighbors,
    and colleagues about who they recommend, and interview multiple agents before
    making a hiring decision. In addition, be sure to come to an agreement about a
    specific, documented marketing plan before signing a long term listing
6. Encourage two way
    Successful sellers aren’t afraid of a little (or a lot) of
    constructive criticism. In fact, they invite agents to give them helpful
    suggestions on everything, from pricing to curb appeal, to help them secure the
    highest possible price for their home. On the flip side, when hiring an agent,
    be sure to find an agent that is open to suggestions. For instance, as a seller
    you may find ways to improve advertising copy, flyers, photographs, or even
    virtual tours.
Offer incentives &
    A buyer who has narrowed their search down to two or three top choices
    may need a little push to motivate them to take action. To encourage buyers,
    many sellers offer incentives like buying the interest rate down on the
    purchaser’s loan, paying for closing costs, inspections, or repairs, or
    providing allowances or credits for home upgrades after closing. In addition,
    many sellers prepay for services like internet services for a year, taxes or
    homeowners association dues, or even golf club memberships.
Stage the home &
    use curb appeal
    Buyers won’t pull the trigger unless they
    become emotionally invested in your home. To help build a stronger first
    impression start from the outside first by working hard to improve your home’s
    curb appeal. Next move inside and stage each space by creating a focal point
    and a story for each room. A set dining table, a book by the bed, or a game in
    the kids room are all simple examples of www.

Use a pre-appraisal
    and pre-inspections
    A pre-appraisal is an appraisal of the
    home before a buyer has made an offer. By having this done early you will have
    an objective voice that has provided a value for the property independent of
    your own opinion and may be a great tool in talking with buyers. In addition,
    many sellers do pre-inspections of the home to provide buyers with a clear
    whole home inspection or pest and dry rot inspection. (A word of caution:
    anything discovered during a pre-inspection will likely need to be disclosed
    whether you fix the issue or not).
Learn to fail fast
    If something isn’t
    working, successful sellers have the strength to fail fast by making
    adjustments to their strategy quickly. For instance, if after implementing your
    marketing plan buyers don’t begin to view your home on a regular basis, this is
    a clear indication (a red flag) that the market is rejecting your price. There
    is only one solution: lower your price. On the other hand, if you have steady
    stream of buyers touring your listing, yet you aren’t receiving any offers,
    this is often a symptom of buyers rejecting, not the price, but the home
    itself. Something about the home is turning them off. Savvy sellers attempt to
    identify the problem and take proactive action to correct it.
    To sell
    your home for top dollar takes hard work and a commitment to position your home
    in a way that attracts the maximum number of prospective buyers. By
    implementing one or more of these techniques you will be taking the first step
    towards a successful sale.

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