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Our Value Proposition

Our Marketing Plan

“What did your previous agent do, as far as Marketing and Advertising, to promote your home?”

Invariably, the response is always the same:

“The agent talked a good game when we met with them, and they said they were going to market it, but we never got anything in writing, and we never really saw anything in the way of advertising…beyond a sign out front and some flyers…Our house seemed to just sit on the market while homes around us all seemed to be selling.”

At Mainstreet Realtors, we take the trust you put in us to market & sell your home very seriously.  And we put our money where our mouth is.That’s why we give you a written, “Our value Proposition” and “Our Marketing Plan” when we list your home,outlining exactly what we will do to get your home sold. That way, you know exactly what is being done to market your home, and there are no surprises. And if at any time we do not live up to our agreement, you can cancel your listing with no penalty.


Market Analysis

  • We will make a thorough inspection of your home, you will be updated on all important features and upgrades.
  • When determine the fair market value of your property, you will be provided with a detailed written market analysis which will gave you specific information regarding you home value
  • We will provide you with an estimate of the selling expenses you may encounter to determine your net proceeds
  • Make a listing agreement, ensuring all of the above and authorizing us to market your property

Property Enhancement Plan


  • We will provide a written home enhancement proposal with a budget, we want your approval and input.
  • This proposal includes recommended repairs and improvements that ensure your house/property sells for the highest price.
  • Suggest additional enhancement and repairs based on buyer feedback.
  • We can also provide with free carpet cleaning, landscaping and house cleaning.



Home Marketing Plan

  • First we prepare and submit accurate information


TransactionManagmentTransaction Management System

Our transaction management system is the best in the industry, allowing you to quickly, and easily manage your real estate contracts, contact all parties involved in your property, and submit your documents for funding. No more faxing or emailing your contracts to the broker and hoping everything is received and processed on time.


PropertyWebsiteSingle Property Websites

Offering single property websites to your clients is a great way to win more listings and generate additional home buyer leads. That is why we offer free, unlimited, single property websites for our agents! It’s just one more marketing tool to help you generate and close more business.


MainstreetMobileTraining On Demand

Video Stream On demand real estate training! Whether you are a new agent or a seasoned real estate professional, continued training is vital to your growth and continued success. Unfortunately, if you’re focused on closing new business deals, then you’re probably too busy to attend training in a corporate office. That’s why we provide “training on demand”. Watch our training videos and online tutorials on your schedule. We have training for all levels of experience.



MainstreetDialerDialer System

Our system will help you increase the amount of homes you list. We help you contact higher quality leads like For Sale By Owner, Expires, Divorce, and Foreclosures. This dialer is such a valuable and successful tool, agents that use this system average a minimum of four listings every month.




Round- Table is a service you can offer to your clients. This site allows them to get real time updates with the most current status of their transaction. No more waiting for email, or phone call updates!


PaperlessPaperless Solution

Our paperless system provides more flexibility, and speeds up transactions. No more faxing and waiting! We use the most dependable E-Signature service and clients have the ability to access and sign from any device!



…and SO much more technology coming!

We are in the process and revolutionizing real estate by developing the latest in cutting-edge (dare I say, “bleeding-edge”) technology.


Interested in receiving the best technology available to help you close more deals?


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