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Get Maximum Value for Your Home

What Is Your Home Worth?

Once you’ve decided to sell your home, one of the first steps you should take is getting the home appraised. The value of your home is determined by a real estate appraiser who helps home sellers and real estate agents set a realistic price for homes. An appraisal is especially important for homeowners who have lived in their home for a number of years and may not have a good idea about the home’s current value.

Tips for getting the maximum appraisal for your home

Although many of the factors that go into an appraisal, such as recent comparable home sales and real estate market conditions are out your control, there are several things you can do as a home seller to ensure you get the maximum value for your home when it is appraised. Below are a few ideas:

De-clutter: Tidying up your house will leave a good first impression and help the appraiser see the true condition of your home. Not only will clutter make your rooms seem smaller and make it more difficult for prospective buyers to envision their belongings in your space, but a cluttered home can also make appraisers question how well your property has been maintained throughout the years. It is best to move your stuff out of the way, even if it means renting a storage unit for a few months until your home is sold.

Research: Another thing you can do to make sure you get the maximum appraisal value for your Inland Empire home, is to research what other houses in your area have sold for.  Appraisers use previous sale prices to help determine what your house should sell for. Your personal knowledge in this area can be helpful because you know the people and the stories behind home sales in your neighborhood, and your appraiser does not. For instance, a neighbor may have sold his house at a price far below the fair market value only because he had to move immediately for a job out-of-state. In the event you do not know about past home sales in your area, information on recent home sales is easy to find on the internet. Make sure that you are prepared with your own comparable home values when the appraiser arrives so your value can be better assessed.

Document Improvements: Have you made improvements to your home since you purchased the property? Many Inland Empire home owners have made upgrades to their home, such as adding a deck, remodeling a bathroom, replacing old windows with more energy-efficient models, or installing a new roof. Make sure you save the receipts and contracts from these projects so you can show them to the appraiser. An accurate list of these improvements will help better determine the condition of your house and its true value.

Getting your house appraised is a key part of selling your home. With a little effort, you can get the highest appraisal possible for your home. You can get your Home Value Here

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