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Downsizing Your Home

Downsizing Your Home

Sometimes the motive for selling your home isn’t about upsizing, it’s about downsizing. Downsizing isn’t necessarily about spending less money.  Just as frequently, it’s about increasing your home’s amenities while decreasing the work and responsibilities involved in a larger home. There are a lot of excellent reasons for downsizing your home.

  • The kids have grown up and moved away
  • You want less work inside and/or out
  • You just want to enjoy your home without hassle
  • You want something smaller and greener to save energy and the environment
  • You want community amenities such as golf and tennis
  • You want luxuries like a granite countertop, stainless steel appliances, whirlpool tub, pool and spa
  • You want less responsibility so you’re free to travel

Downsizing is all about knowing what your needs are and what you desire in a new home, which is basically the same think you need to know when upsizing. When people think about buying a new home, it’s usually about more bathrooms, more bedrooms, and more space.   But, as homeowners get older, they often begin to realize that all that space is more of an obstacle than a benefit. Sit down with your real estate agent and discuss the benefits of different types of homes.

For example, condominiums are an attractive option for busy homeowners. There’s no yard work and owning a condo still provides a tangible real estate asset with all the accompanying tax incentives.

For true flexibility, renting can be an option that allows you to move about quicker and easier than if you own a home, but it won’t give you the same ownership satisfaction or the tax breaks. Even without the stimulus package, owning a home has always provided a significant year end tax write off on interest and property taxes.

If you still feel that a house is not a home without a little bit of land, but you don’t want too much to keep you tied to yard work, talk to one of our real estate agents about smaller properties. Our agents will find you the perfect little home that’s just the right fit for you.

Ready to downsize?  We specialize in helping people just like you find their perfect home. Contact us today at 888.964.4070 or email us at

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